What are our chances of conceiving?

In order to get pregnant, the following has to happen:

  1. You must have regular sex during the fertile window as well as through the menstrual cycle, not too much or too little
  2. He has to have enough good quality and mobile sperm
  3. Her fallopian tubes must work and function well
  4. She must ovulate
  5. Her eggs must be of good quality (the younger you are the better your eggs)
  6. The endometrial lining must be receptive for the embryo to implant

Anything that goes wrong with any of the above, and your chances of getting pregnant diminish.

You are more likely to get pregnant faster if:

  • You have regular menstrual cycles and ovulate regularly
  • Your eggs are OK
  • He has enough good quality and mobile sperm
  • Your fallopian tubes are open
  • You have intercourse regularly and at the right time
Probability of pregnancy with a single act of intercourse
The probability of pregnancy with a single act of intercourse

You should have intercourse every 1-2 days during the “fertile window” and also regularly through the menstrual cycle.

You and your partner have the highest chance of conceiving in the first 3 months of trying. For young fertile couples, the chance of conception is between 20% and 37% during the first 3 months, and it increases to 80% by one year and 90% after two years of trying. Women over the age of 35 and men over the age of 50 have lower fertility rates.

Your chances of getting pregnant improve significantly when you address each of the 6 items above. Being at your best health and optimal weight, adopting a healthier lifestyle, and taking prenatal vitamins improves fertility,  your chances getting pregnant, and decreases many medical risks. If a woman has a medical or genetic condition or risk of one, she should seek advice from a medical professional before getting pregnant.

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