Perinatal depression can be prevented

Mental health is essential for everyone including pregnant women. Perinatal or pregnancy depression affects about 1 in 8 new mothers annually in the United States. It can have a devastating effect on the mother as well as the infant.

Risk factors that can be used to identify individuals at risk for perinatal depression include:

  • a history of depression
  • history of physical or sexual abuse
  • unplanned or unwanted pregnancy
  • stressful life events
  • intimate partner violence
  • complications during pregnancy

Additionally, low socioeconomic status, lack of social support, and bearing children during adolescence have been associated with a greater risk of developing perinatal depression after delivery.

The Edinburgh postpartum depression test can screen effectively for your risk of having postpartum depression.

In addition, the interactive Zhung Self-Rating Depression Scale Quiz checks the level of depression to help decide how severe it could be.